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At Richard’s Photography We Offer Professional Photography to Corporations, Local Businesses and Franchises

  1. Photos For Staff and Corporate Employees
  2. New Hire Pictures For Company Website
  3. Award Photo Submission
  4. Magazine Publications and Marketing
  5. For Your Social Media Web Page

Social Media is one of the most popular places around to find a job, list a job or find a company that is hiring.

Getting the best image possible to post on your profile page is actually very important since people judge how we look, our hair style, the clothing we wear.

Look, search, watch out for a talented and artistic photographer to help you create and coach you into taking a photo that will impress whoever is looking for you.


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Photography by Richard’s Photography – Linkedin Photographer – Best Prices and Rates

  • Linkedin is a Popular Website For Getting Jobs
  • Employers Search Linkedin For Your Profile
  • Your Linkedin Profile Picture Sells For You
  • Popular For a Career Change

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Outdoor Professional Headshots

Business headshots for San Antonio Tx working professionals should be taken seriously. Business professionals often need portraits for business cards, social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, or even the their company website or directory. What a professional head shot photographer should provide is a no-nonsense experience in the studio. Look for our photo retouching services page to see samples of our retouched images.

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Headshot Photography Booking and Shoot Information

Business people don’t have time to sit through 100 – 200 images when they only need but a few and if the photographers are experienced he or she will be able to complete the session within 24 – 32 images. We will please our clients if we can achieve what they need within 20 – 30 minutes and let them out of our portrait studio in a short amount of time. Our rates and prices are affordable for most budgets. We are not the cheap type of photographers but deliver a great product to the customer. We also do photography for your party or company parties on location at hotels or local restaurants.

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Business Headshot  Tips For Professional People

Talk to us about your wardrobe and clothing options. For men you should bring  2 to 3 different ties to see which one looks the best. For women you should pick your wardrobe carefully. The wrong color choices can make or break your photo session. We hope these few tips can help you with your choices and decisions.

Professional Photography For Business Staff

Yes, we can come to your office or place of business. We can set up our portrait lighting equipment and be prepared to photographed your entire office of employees or office staff. Many companies have hired us to do just that.  We have a tight system in place. One photographer seats the person or has then stand while the photographer assistant takes names of each person being photographed. This helps with the coordination of knowing which frame or frames are from each person. Getting the images in a particular order can help you load images faster to your business website or home page.

Other type of photography we do. Senior portraits. If you have kids in high school we can take their photos in our studio or at a location nearby. For whatever reason you need a good photographer we are here and can accommodate your needs.


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Benefit to Hire a Professional Photographer for Corporate Portraits?

There are a lot of people who consider photography as a hobby rather than a profession. As long as they have a good camera and some accessories, they assume that they can already take amazing photos that can rival that of professional photographers. Remember that all people can choose their own cameras and take photos. Professional photographers can do so much more than that.

What Can Professional Photographers Do?

Expect that professional photographers already know everything they need to know about photography. They know about lighting and they also know when they should take amazing photos. They can edit photographs in order to improve how the raw photos look like. There are moments when only one picture will be considered so you need the portrait to be taken by a true and professional photographer.

Photographers are expected to:

  • Make use of natural light and use artificial light if needed in order to improve photographs.
  • Edit photographs in order to improve the way that the pictures look like.
  • Find the right spots that can make photos look magical.
  • Retouching photos for skin tone and blemishes.

Portraits are usually shot at studios but if you want to have a more natural-looking photograph, you can find outdoor spots at where your picture can be taken. There are times when professional photographers will give suggestions.


Expect that the Photographer will be the Consistent

The photographer is consistent in taking great photos. He has already developed the skills that will make him better than the average people who just want to take photographs. In the process, they have learned to get quality photos no matter what the situation is.


Expect that Photographers Will Perform Like Professionals

When you hire professional photographers, you are working with people who know their equipment inside and out. A lot of photographers get into photography because they like what they are doing but aside from that, they also know that they have to satisfy their customers in order to keep on earning. Photographers are meant to find and capture the essence of your personality and your beauty through photographs.


Photographers have the Right Technical Skills

Photography is not only about liking what you do or just taking random photos. You need to have proper technical skills to be very good. Photographers have already mastered the art of lighting and they can direct you to pose so that it will be most flattering for you. A lot of photographers have learned that they need to make you feel at ease otherwise they will only get mediocre photographs.

Choosing the right photographer can be complicated but it is possible as long as you know these tips:

  • There are different types of photographers available. If you need portrait photos, choose photographers that specialize in taking portraits.
  • Consider the clients that the photographer used to have. You can take a look at the photographer’s portfolio. This is usually available through the photographer’s website.
  • Get to know how much the photographer is charging for the photos. Work with a photographer that charges within your budget.

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