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Why some people in San Antonio prefer black and white photos over color

First reason: They just have a unique look and feel to them.

Second reason: Black and white photos tell a different story.

Third reason: San Antonio Companies and talent agencies require a headshot portfolio in black and white, usually black and white glossy prints.

Black and White Photography For Various Purposes

There are certain uses and purposes for black and white photographs. As a professional photography studio we have seen many instances where some will request this type of photo. Here are just a few of the situations that required a conversion from color to b&w images.

  • Medical Student needed an image for their medical residency application
  • Real Estate Agent wanted to test their advertising and marketing
  • Lawyer wanted a certain look so he would stand out
  • Local corporation requested photos in B&W for their company directory
  • Actor needed to submit professional pictures as required
  • Women’s Photography Sessions
  • Men’s Photography Portrait Sessions

Services provided for photo retouching for women’s headshots, skin smoothing is a must for every woman and man. Men’s photo retouching is crucial to their appearance as well. Contact us about photo retouch for men and women. Most inquiries for service are complete in 24 – 48 hours.


The Story Behind Black and White Photography

Black White Photos of Female Client From The San antonio Texas CommunityThere really is no other particular equipment or camera that is really needed for black and white photography, only the film. As soon as you bring in your roll of film to a shop to be developed just let the person behind the counter realize what it is. Several places focus in the development of black and white and it is most ideal to use their professional services to gain the true feelings you desired to achieve and portray with the photos. Other places develop this type of film, but in return you may not get the true color, or lack of color you desired.

Black and white film is available in a few different sessions. The tabular black and white film is a new and thinner emulsion film that has much more of a surface area and it produces less depth with high sharpness. Conventional film is the standard kind that gives off an exceptional detail to highlight and was used before the tabular film was offered in 1988.

Orthochromatic film is the very best for shots of most people and landscapes and gives off a tone that stands above all other film types. Chromogenic film utilizes dyes and not the silver particles that are used by the other film types. Generally there is no control over the development process and it is definitely more tough to work with.


Outdoor Black and White Outdoor Business Photos San Antonio Tx 78248 210-541-2985The arena of black and white photography is regarded a Fine Art form and it is achieved to stimulate an emotion of timelessness and freeze a moment at any offered time. It goes without saying that a couple of great photographers like Ansel Adams and Steigletz have made black and white photography what it is to today and even long after their deaths keep it strong and alive.

This sort of a picture is an accurate classic form of art and incredibly breathe taking. There can never be enough said about black and white photography, still, the pics on their own will speak volumes for all that are evaluating them.

Black and white headshots can possibly be utilized in every one of areas of your personal branding technique. They used to be solely for principal entrepreneurs who needed to have photos for the once a year report. Yet thanks to online media, headshots have actually gone conventional. Anybody at all on LinkedIn needs a good black and white headshot– and indeed, you need to be on LinkedIn, and so this suggests you!

You can easily use your headshot with your professional life story, on all your social media online sites, and probably in the signature of your e-mail.

To take the absolute best black and white headshot possible, keep these factors in mind:

When you sit for a headshot, you should be the focus– not the setting. Look directly at the camera as if you’re engaging in a conversation. You should look natural and comfortable, and you should have a warm, friendly expression on your face.

Your photo should be in color, but be careful of having too much vivid color in the background. If you use a stronger color, make it a solid color.

The photo should appear to have natural lighting on a solid, simple background. You don’t want to stand in front of your bulletin board or by a striped wall. Avoid distracting backgrounds.

See to it that you feel wonderful in the garments that you select and that you feel triumphant and aspirational for what is most likely to arrive at your life. Always keep your presence present and do not put on clothing in which are truly out of term.

Listed below are additional tips for making your finest on-camera look and feel:

Be sure that you seem relaxed and are simply feeling well.

Wear your nice hair styled around your finest look. Wait at least just one week when you finish a haircut. Make certain that your hair is tidy and that no differently dyed roots are revealing.

Men, recognize your face hair. Trim ahead of a picture. Be aware that a 2 growth actually is not consistently looked at as professional.

Women, place cosmetics over a favorable moisturizer to make sure that your skin layer does not seem dry. Wear a lot more makeup than average, and yet no milky makeup. Know exactly how to use makeup products to curve for effect.

Pick attire in which visualizes the image you need to project. Stick with solid colors; stay away from solid white, polka dots, disturbing stripes, or vicious prints. Never wear something that may reflect the lights way too much, like a glistening silk shirt.

Decide on a neckline that increases the design of your face and collar but is not really too low cut.

Keep in mind that light to medium-dark shades are more embellishing to the skin. Eliminate dark blue, black, as well as navy.